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Beautiful Traditional Dances from South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi is one of the provinces in Indonesia. As its name, it is in the southern part of Sulawesi Island or known as Celebes Island. As there are so many ethnic groups in this province, it is no wonder that there are so many different cultures in South Sulawesi. Truly, there are so many unique statues, uncommon songs, local houses, even traditional dances which is coming from this province. Specifically, this province has been known to has many beautiful dances. Here are some of traditional dances from South Sulawesi for you to know.

  1. Pakarena Dance

Pakarena dance is a dance that is coming from a Colony GantarangLalang Bata which is located on the center of Small Island named Selayar Island. Actually, this dance was shown first in the 17th century. To be exact, the dance is presented in 1903 to commemorate the day when PangaliPatta was crowned as GantarangLalang Bata’s next king.

Like its name, the person in South Sulawesi informs that this dance is about a story of the appearance of PakarenaGantarangTumanurung. This traditional dance is featured by two instruments. They are Gandrang, which is known as the head drum, and Puik-puik, which is like a pair of traditional flute instrument. Usually, these unique and traditional dances from South Sulawesi is played by female dancers. It is uncommon for male dancers to do this dance.


  1. GandrangBulo Dance

The dance is also famous in South Sulawesi. Commonly, this dance is presented when folk party is being held. Maybe it is due to the joy that can brought by this dance. This dance is tucked with variety of humor so it is no wonder that it can brings laughter from the audience.

The name of this dance, GandrangBulo, is actually derived from two local words, which are Gandrang and Bulo. “Gandrang” means punch or wasp and “Bulo” in local language means bamboo. That is why this dance is characterized with bamboo punch.


  1. Pa’Gellu Dance

Pa’Gellu Dance is a dance that originally comes from Toraja, one of the most famous ethnic in South Sulawesi. Pa’Gellu Dance usually performed by some female dancers which is featured many traditional musical instruments. Before, this dance is presented with the aim to welcome the successful heroes which is coming back from a dreadful war. Later, after the war ended, this beautiful traditional dance is presented as an entertainment dance. This dance usually interpreted as a perfect expression of sincere gratitude for every happiness that has been feeling. No wonder that nowadays, this dance can be found in wedding day, receptions, parties and other joyful events.


In the end, all three traditional dances from South Sulawesi above are truly beautiful to look at. If you have a time to visit Indonesia, make sure to come to South Sulawesi province. Then you must see at least one of the traditional dances above in your trip. Believe it that would make your visit become more worth it. Happy visiting!

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