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The Value and Power of Education- Helping the Community Grow Stronger

According to the Irish poet and dramatist William Butler Yeats, Education is not the filling of a container, but the illumination of a fire. He was aware of the truth that awakened the questioning spirit within a person that can have insightful consequences for their future and the future of the individuals they go on to intermingle with.

Lighting fires occasionally leads to people getting smoldered. Questioning is something that can bring both dangers and rewards. Unquestionably, the loss of blind devotion to received doctrine can leave an individual estranged from friends, family and society if they reject the convictions or notions that others hold in general.While most feel that education is a requirement, they have liable to use it as a tool for reaching a personal mark or selected target, after that there is no desire to seek for better education.However, the significance of education in society is cohering and indispensable.

Rejecting a spiritual faith, political system or social order can leave the intellectual estranged from all they hold precious. With a loss of plain conviction comes solitude, even fear for the future and gloominess. Nevertheless, once the fire is lit, it is not simply put out. According to Jay Eitner, as one learns more, one fans the blaze and the quest for wisdom, knowledge, reality and meaning grows. People develop and become more interesting, multi-faceted, and rounded individuals, able to think for one self and make one’s own way in the globe.

The notion of structured schooling is not new. The ancient Greeks had their gymnasium for teaching thoughts to the next generation. As time went on, strictly structured curriculum has developed to try to give each apprentice an equal grounding in major topics that are of advantage for the future. Nevertheless, the value of education varies extremely from country to country and within countries from affluent to underprivileged. Yet, the quality of the education provided at posh schools may not be as good as that offered by some Free State schools. The complex task of evaluating quality of education is challenged by some teachers using apparatus such as the Cognitive Abilities Test. This looks at personage pupil’s predicted scores measured up to their definite grades at end of school assessments. These results imply show the value added to the student’s education by the school itself and thus give a plausible measure of the value of an exacting education.

Continuing with official education into early maturity permits people to concentrate and intensify a specific area of comprehension. If one works hard enough one may find out information not identified by others and have the pompous honor of adding to the quantity of knowledge about the globe and one’s place in it. Academically minded individuals like Jay Eitner, continues to stay in the kingdom of education as a career, continuing to teach others and to research.

For most people, official education finishes sometime before the mid twenties, but if the flame of learning was well fueled it will be ablaze for a lifetime.


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